I've had Audis and VWs for the last 20 years. Recommended interval has always been 10K - on dino-juice! I tend to use synthetic in turbocharged engines due to my belief that it resists thermal breakdown better than conventional oil. I'm not sure that's true, but if you happen to be driving a V6 Biturbo Audi...… » 2/25/15 4:34pm 2/25/15 4:34pm

The 930 "widowmaker" had to come up. Although... it really wasn't that much power, it was just savage how it was delivered and completely unforgiving of being mishandled.

I'm in the camp that says there's no such thing as too much power if you have the complete package - brakes, chassis, and knowledge, to use it… » 2/16/15 10:43pm 2/16/15 10:43pm

Thanks for the reply! I knew that the BUFF just used asymmetric spoilers instead of ailerons, but I never understood why. I assumed it was related to the length of the wing that's used as a flap... but the B-47 history is really interesting. Now I'm going to have to go learn more. :)

In the P-3 we had to load fuel… » 2/15/15 4:39pm 2/15/15 4:39pm

944's are awesome, and I'd drive the hell out of this one... but once you've done a heart transplant and eliminated the wonderful pop-up head lights, there's not way in hell you're getting more than $10K out of me. Totally great trollmobile, but far too rich for what it is. » 2/11/15 12:45pm 2/11/15 12:45pm

YES YES YES YES YES! In my young life, my family owned one of these while living in Lesotho, a small country in South Africa. We drove that thing all over Africa and it took the abuse like a champ. What an awesome car.

On the other side, I think it nearly drove my mother to a nervous breakdown. She couldn't drive a… » 2/10/15 3:06pm 2/10/15 3:06pm